Wood is an ancient, beautiful, renewable natural resource, which makes it also an ecological building material. Wood is durable, lightweight and relative to its weight stronger than any other building material. When used and produced appropriately, wood is a superior raw material for all construction, both on land and at sea.

In principle we make anything that is possible to be made of wood or sheet materials: prestige design elements, fixtures, free-standing furniture, special furniture, upholstery, hardwood floors, decking, ship decks, doors, railings, fences, you name it.

Our skilled carpenters use only first-class wood that meets green values. The wood to be used depends on the application and on customer requirements. While favoring the domestic, we make final products also by using special varieties. For example we have built over 20 000 square meters of teak decks to cruise ships.

Hardwood that meets the principles of sustainable development is very hard to find, which is why we have been looking for a replacement material worldwide for some time. After a thorough research we signed a cooperation deal with a Finnish wood technology developing company. Our partner has developed a completely new type of raw wood material, which meets all the highest standards and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has a presentable look and has qualities that make it superior to hardwood.

Paattimaakarit has exclusive rights of manufacture and sales of products in Finland. End products are all wood. With no added chemicals, toxins or other extraneous additives. Durability and stability of the products are unprecedented. New time of wood construction has became:



Corian is a combination of strength of natural mineral, excellent properties of acrylics, and almost limitless shaping possibilities. There is a vast array of colours and patterns to choose from. The material is durable, resistant to dirt and moisture and does not fade or discolor. Corian is a non-toxic, easily maintained, hygienic and representative choice.

The most common applications of corian include ships, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other public facilities requiring good abrasion resistance as well as high level of hygiene. In household use corian is a popular material for example in table and kitchen tops, as well as in washbasins and bathtubs.


Non-combustible wall coverings

When there is a need for spectacular wall covering but combustible materials are not an option, our solution is aluminium honeycomb. The sheets can be coated with laminate, veneer or paint. Thanks to its lightness aluminium honeycomb is also ideally suited for environments where weight restrictions apply.


Other raw materials

In addition to the above we also manufacture a variety of aluminum, glass, stone and steel products, as well as upholstered furniture. If you have a material in mind that is not listed here, it can most likely be made available through our global partnering network. Please contact us for more information on our operation.

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