We produce interior decoration and surface material solutions that combine durability with an outstanding look. Our client base consists mainly of architects, construction companies, shipowners, shipyards, public sector and private customers. You can rely on over 30 years of experience in the field – from design to installation. Our carpentry production relies on modern equipment. Besides wood, our production facilities are capable of handling other materials as well. Paattimaakarit is a combination of customer orientation, innovation, uncompromising quality and Finnish workmanship. Green values are observed as a natural part of our business.

In accordance with the meaning of our company name (Paattimaakarit = “Vessel Masters”), we have made numerous large-scale maritime projects around the world. We have manufactured and installed fixtures, furniture and different surface materials for the most exclusive cruise ships. In addition to suit-, boutique- and restaurant interiors our production facilities specialize in manufacturing of teak deckings, railings, doors and all kind of wood and as well as all kinds of wooden and Corian products. Our maritime references include the following companies, among others.

Our long-time experience in various maritime projects also forms the basis for our know-how in different construction projects on land. We have supplied decoration and surface material solutions for projects implemented in spas, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, amusement and theme parks, boutiques, shopping malls, office and business spaces as well as large private homes.


Our manufacturing facilities, located in Raisio, produse custom-made products and solutions for the most demanding indoor and outdoor applications, with millimetre-level accuracy. Our factories on Sahakatu and Kallasteenmutka employ around 50 skilled professionals.

We only use carefully selected high-quality materials in our production. In addition to wood materials we supply Corian, aluminium, glass, hard stone and steel solutions. Our subsidiary company Tikkimaakarit Ltd in Naantali specializes in providing all kinds of soft upholsteries as well as extensive sewing services. With the collaboration of our comprehensive partner network, we are able to deliver complete construction and decoration solutions, from the design phase to the installation.

Our versatile production and strict quality control with advanced manufacturing and installation methods make us a competent and reliable partner. The outstanding look, uncompromised quality and durability of the final products are governing factors in our production.

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Wood is an ancient, beautiful and renewable natural resource, which makes it also an ecological building material. Wood is durable, lightweight and relative to its weight stronger than other building materials. When used and produced appropriately, wood is a superior raw material for all construction, both on land and at sea.

We manufacture anything that is possible to be made of wood or wood sheet materials: prestigious interior elements, fixtures, furniture, special furniture, upholstery, hardwood floors, decking, ship decks, doors, railings, fences, you name it.

Our skilled carpenters use first-class wood that meets green values. The wood to be used depends on the application and on customer requirements. While favoring domestic wood, we make products also by using special varieties. For example, we have installed teak decks for cruise ships over 25 000 square meters, which makes us one of the largest teak deck manufacturers in the world.

Hardwood that meets the principles of sustainable development is hard to find, which is why we have been looking for a replacement material for some time. Our research has led us to collaborate with Waurum. Waurum fulfills the highest standards and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has a presentable look and possesses qualities that in many cases makes it even superior to hardwood. Waurum products are made of 100% wood, with no added chemicals, toxins or other extraneous additives. Paattimaakarit Ltd has an exclusive right to manufacture and sell Waurum products in Finland.

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Corian is a combination of a strong natural mineral, excellent properties of acrylics and almost limitless shaping possibilities – seamlessly. There is a vast array of colors and patterns to choose from. The material is durable, resistant to dirt or moisture and does not fade or discolor. Corian is a non-toxic, easily maintained, hygienic and outstanding choice. We are DuPont authorized producer of Corian products.

Non-combustible wall coverings

Aluminum honeycomb wall coverings are an excellent solution in places where combustible materials cannot be used, but a presentable wall covering is desired. Thanks to its lightness, aluminum honeycomb is also ideally suitable for environments where weight restrictions apply, like cruise ships, yachts and elevators. The sheets can be coated with laminate, veneer or paint. Wall coverings are delivered with the necessary installation accessories. Our aluminum honeycomb wall coverings and coating solutions are certified by IMO (International Maritime Organization) as a non-combustible material.

Other raw materials

In addition to the previously mentioned materials, we also supply a broad variety of flooring and ceiling solutions, aluminum and steel structures, glass constructions, hard stone counter tops and all kinds of upholstery and sewing services for different applications, locations and environments. If the material you would prefer is not listed here, we can most likely supply it through our global partner network.

Soft Furnishing products

Paattimaakarit Ltd´s subsidiary Tikkimaakarit Ltd is a manufacturer of soft furnishing products and interior decorations. Tikkimaakarit Ltd provides all kinds of upholstery and sewing services. In modern production facilities, also the most demanding textiles, soft fillings and mattresses can be laser cut. The services of Tikkimaakarit brings a natural complement to our wide range of production facilities with flexible and fast service possibilities.

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Complete solution provider

We have consistently and globally provided a large variety of complete custom solutions. Our project management together with our design department will ensure that products always meet customers’ requests and our own high-quality standards – from the design phase to the installation. Please contact us, we will gladly discuss about your future projects.

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